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As a brand it is important to pay attention to where people are engaging and spending time. With 500 million monthly active users it’s safe to say that Instagram is incredibly important for those seeking to market their brand.

A study by Forrester Research indicated that Instagram users were 58 times more likely to like or comment on a brand’s post than Facebook users. That being said some effort is required on the brand’s behalf. It’s not as simple as posting a photo and waiting for the interactions to come flooding in.

Below are five basic but integral tips for growing your Instagram following:

1. Use Popular Hashtags


Use Popular Hashtags

Using popular hashtags helps other users find your images in search. The hashtag #Foodie is more likely to generate you views than something much more specific like #EatingBurgersWithSue

2. Use The Mayfair Filter

According to Track Maven’s Fortune 500 Instagram Report, the Mayfair filter is the single most effective filter for marketers.

social-hype-banner_v4-01-013. Use Third Party Services

Growing your Instagram following can be hugely time consuming. I used to spend hours a day liking other people’s posts in order to get people to notice my page. Although an effective method, this is undoubtedly a time consuming one too.

I have since signed up to a third party service called Social Hype which helps you discover customers and interacts with them on your behalf. There is a three day free trial available for those who want to try it out.

4. Focus On Quality Over Quantity

Delete any low quality photos from your Instagram account and focus on posting appealing, eye catching content. Whilst posting regularly is important, businesses are better off with fewer high quality posts than a lot of pointless updates. Every post shared on social media should take the overall image of your brand into consideration.

Simply put, the better your Instagram content is, the more likely you are to gain followers.

5. Use Appealing Colours

Yes there are “correct” colours to use on Instagram when trying to achieve more likes. A wealth of research has discovered that images featuring cool tones such as blue, green and beige receive more engagement than photos which feature warmer colours such as reds, yellows and pinks.


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Once upon a dysfunctional relationship ago, women would determine unfaithfulness based on the obvious tale tell signs. The lipstick on the shirt, a sudden interest in aftershave and those curious receipts Whitney Huston sung about all those years ago.

Now we have entered the information age however, women no longer need to wait for signs; they can simply dig them up themselves; a love excavation if you will, because no one does research quite like a suspicious woman with unlimited broadband. Which means alongside online dating and we have created the evolution of digital tears and online break ups.

photo 2A few years back, women’s biggest techno-dating-phobe was sending a drunken text to someone after two dates and scaring them off completely. Now we long for such simple days, where a basic “I didn’t text you, the wine did” can fix it all.

With constant access to our dates, boyfriends, husbands and lovers every move can be analysed under a magnifying glass and we all know that too much of that, can start fires.

Years ago it was said that when you date a woman you date her family too, these days an even more uncomfortable type of threesome has arisen and when it comes to dating it’s ‘him’ ‘her’ and ‘the internet’. An explosion of social technologies (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and whatever else out there I have yet to discover) has caused an explosion in sanity too. Just because you can keep tabs on someone throughout the day, doesn’t mean you should.

It starts off innocently, he messages a girl on Twitter and you check to see if she’s attractive. He has his “read receipts” on and you notice he saw your message but took an hour to reply. A picture was uploaded on to Facebook and his female co-worker ‘liked’ it. Completely innocent occurrences to everyone but the girlfriend who has convinced herself that Donell Jones isn’t the only one who knows what’s up.

photo 1Trusting someone in a relationship can be hard enough without purposely looking for evidence of unfaithfulness. Whatever your current use for Google is, checking up on your other half probably shouldn’t be it. Go buy a dress, reply to those work emails you’ve been ignoring for two weeks or look up old friends to see if they’ve gotten fat… anything that doesn’t involve obsessing over the online footprint of your partner.

You should also note that it’s not just his online activity you have to worry about. While you’re walking around with your phone in your hand like it’s puppy you can’t leave unattended, he might be wondering what’s so interesting that you can’t put it down. You might be on Facebook looking at the same photo of your friend’s new hair cut from 17 different angles, but he’s probably trying to work out who you might be texting and if they’re the reason you password protect your phone.

If you ask me, it’s time for a break up; or a break at the very least. Break up with your smart phone before it’s a real break up on the cards. I’m not suggesting you dig out your old Nokia 3210; perhaps just learn to leave it in your pocket or bag every once in a while. Maybe one day you can even pop to the shops without it and let the rest of us know if the world doesn’t end.

After all, we already live in an age where people get broken up with on Facebook, let’s not let it become the age where people break up because of it too.

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